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The Credentials is not an ordinary investigation agency where one not only completes the task superficially and the single main motive is not to earn money. We are here with a Futuristic Approach to give something extraordinary in the field of investigation.

Our constant Creative Thinking is to make the investigations less hassle and provide the utmost precision in our investigations. As we are novices in this industry as compared to the big giants who are here for a number of decades; what we observe is that the competition is increasing every financial year.

New entrants are just knocking on the door of companies who are benefiting from our services, every now and then. Our aim is to learn and invent. For the last 3 years, we are contemplating this industry and trying our level best to figure out: how we can give this industry more efficient methods to cope with the Frauds.

Each and every employee whether he is on the field or off the field has one mindset on how to halt the frauds in industries, to whom they are serving. We not only follow the protocols given by our individual clients but also go out of the box, to collect more evidence for that particular case which will help them(our individual client) to nullify their case.

Expertise Team Members

We have staff to provide the results in the required TAT and reports of Supreme Quality. We love to do things in volume and if the volume of cases will be on the higher side the efficiency of the team will be equivalent as we have a team of youngsters. They want to build their career in this industry and do something for the welfare of society by not giving an inch of space to fraudsters succeeding in their wrongdoings.

Our motive is to become the best investigation agency in India by strengthening our team in PAN India. And, by PAN India we mean not only the major cities but also the interiors of various towns, districts, and villages where the real challenges are encountered.

We Focus On

1. Futuristic Approach:
We are in this industry to serve maximum clientele, in whichever industries our services can be applicable. We need to cover the entire PAN India with our services and try to reach our company name on a pinnacle of the charts.

2. Blue Sky Thinking: 
We are here, not only for completed the task assigned to us and earn money but also aimed at giving some creative approaches towards the investigation which will be fruitful for the industry to reduce the risks of fraud.

3. Genuine Investigation:
Our executives whether they are in the field or in office, have one agenda to give the report with 100% genuineness and there will be no space for fraudulent left.

4. Sterling Reports in TAT:
We are very much focused in completing the assignments, assigned to us, in that stipulated period of time which would help the clientele to do their work smoothly and it helps us as well to boost our performance and efficiency to their zenith.

Why Choose Us

24/7 Support

Our agency is the only background investigation agency in India. We works for 24/7. We will be available for your support after working hours, on Sundays, or any government holidays. We will provide a seamless response so that none of your business gets affected by not getting back-talk..

Trusted People

We are people who keep integrity intact. Investigation work is based on trust. We assure our clients that they will never get deceitful issues from our organization. For corruption, we take strict action on the situation at correct time by conducting brainstorming sessions internally to judge our executives whether they are ready or not.

Probing Since 2016

We are novel to this industry but we gained so much from our formers that we are just equivalent to them. We have a team of young blood who give their sheer best and complete the task in the given stretch.

Join With Us

As it will be an honor to have you on the list of our clientele and doing work for you. You will get the best team so far to accomplish the task in a given time span.

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